Can Somaliland becomes a Nation?

Somaliland is a state located in Somalia but runs by a family that make a lot of profit from International community specially UK.

However, Somaliland can not become a Nation, although it spent millions of Dollars to reports and others groups to sell its image.

Here is one of the reasons that Somaliland will never become a Nation.

1.Somaliland run by family.

2.Three political parties in Somalia are one family or one tribe.

3.Freedom of expression and political parties are not allowed.

4.Other Regions in Somaliland such as Awdal, Sool and Sanaag are not given any opportunity to express their view in Somalia or to be allowed to participated the political parties in Somaliland.

5.The Warlord  in Power in Somaliland had a blood in his hands such as the crimes he had committed in Awdal region, Sool, and Sanaag.

6.The Goorti or the upper parliament in Somaliland had no election over 15 years.

All of these and more will en light you that Somali-land can not become a nation.