Somali Government rejected to create Somali national Arm that contains Shabaab….

International Communities, Somali intellectuals and regional head of States have been asking since long time to Somali Government to create Somali national Arm. Ironically, Somali government preferred to choose family members,Muqdisho residents and Friends to become Somali national Arm..

No Somali Federal States the Somali Government allowed to participate the creation of the National Arm. This gave a great opportunity Shabaab to infiltrate.

On the other hand, there were eighteen provinces in Somali before Siyad Barre,s Government fall but Somali new Government never follow the rules of the past or Federal system at the present time…

As result, today there is no Somali national Arm the public can trust or able to contain Shabaab..

Young kids who have no experiences and not their background checked were promoted to Arm, police and the secret service.This is the unfortunate part in the current Somali Government.

No wonder why Shabaab not eliminated in three years an economically, politically and physically but current government has taken another root which is to eliminate Federal head of States,Speaker of the parliament and oppositions leaders instead of fighting to Shabaab…

The war of words between Federal States and Federal government will increase as the election approaches.

This environment will give more opportunity to Shabaab and its associates.

Now It is the time International community to step in and put pressure the current Somali government to focus Shabaab and create Somali national arm that represent all Federal States..

Taking this step needs independent international communities that monitors and checks every steps Somali Government takes.

This will give no room for Shabaab and its associates….