Duale trashes Supreme Court ruling on hijabs

National Assembly Majority leader Aden Duale has urged Muslims to ignore the Supreme Court ruling on hijab.

Ruling on a technicality, the court said students are not free to wear hijab in non-Muslim schools said schools can decide their dress codes.

Duale said on Saturday the Constitution protects their children’s rights to wear hijab in in school and no court can take that away.

The Supreme Court on Thursday overturned a Court of Appeal ruling that allowed Muslim students to wear hijabs in public and church-run schools.

St Paul’s Kiwanjani Secondary School in Isiolo had suspended students in 2014 for wearing the head covering, which many consider a religious obligation.

The apex court ruling has attracted sharp criticisms from the Muslim faithful and clerics. They say it was unfair and violates their religious practice.

 On Saturday, Duale accused the Supreme Court of ignoring the right to freedom of worship provided by the Constitution. He appealed to Muslims to ignore the ruling.

 “Who are Supreme Court judges to order on hijab? They should be aware that they are a creation of the Constitution that has also given every Kenyan the right to worship,” Duale said.

“We Muslims will continue to have our children in school with hijab.” 

Source..Star read